The new luxury rooftop gardens – Roof garden

The new luxury  rooftop gardens – Roof garden
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The new luxury rooftop gardens is part of Roof garden, Terrace garden, Rooftop garden, Modern garden, Backyard landscaping, Roof terrace design – THE NEW LUXURY ROOFTOP GARDENS Where superdensity reigns, cities have to get creative Rooftops are all fair game when it comes to giving city dwellers a place to relax So green is getting up, with city residents transforming adjoining blank rooftops into a sprawling green oasis

We hope this pictures will give you some good ideas for your project, You can see another items of this gallery. LandscapeDesign Team Harrison Green Masters the Art of Gotham Gardening - Rooftop garden urban, Rooftop Garden Ideas Laurie BlumenfeldRusso Brooklyn Renovation - Rooftop garden.

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