20 Different Types of Aloe Plants – Types of aloe plants

20 Different Types of Aloe Plants – Types of aloe plants
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20 Different Types of Aloe Plants is part of Types of aloe plants, Aloe plant, Plants, Aloe plant care, Types of houseplants, Indoor plant care – Humans have grown the aloe plant for thousands of years for decoration and medicinal purposes Aloe, which is also called the Wonder Plant, has therapeutic benefits and the gel of some varieties can either be applied directly to the skin or used in the form of pills to promote health and wellbeing Different Types of Aloe Aloe grows best in full sun and partial shade It thrives in zones 8 through 11, although it’s best kept indoors in zones 8 and 9 According to the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families, there are currently about 580 species of Aloe In

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